Control of Documents

From our experience we know that some accountancy offices do not maintain accountancy documents correctly. Very often, when we take over a ledger we come across an accounting mess and various types of mistakes. Such cases may expose the entrepreneur to penalties given by various offices. It is obvious that an entrepreneur who decides to use an accountancy office does not feel confident in provisions of tax law. Therefore, the entrepreneur has no possibility to verify the correctness of maintained documentation.

In order to solve the problem we would like to offer you services of single or cycle documentation control in terms of correctness of calculated taxes. This control is to eliminate the thread of Revenue Office or Social Insurance Company related to mistakes in tax payments.

How do we control your ledgers?

The control includes checking each month individually. We check VAT registers, settlements, correctness of registered invoices, trial balances, as well as tax calculations.

Additionally, having checked the entire documentation, we always advice on what costs could be included in tax costs of your company.

The control is carried out after accepting its details in our office. Its duration depends on number of months and documents which are to be checked.

To save your time we may send one of our employees — experienced accountant — to your office and carry out the control there.

What is more, if after the control you decide to sign an agreement with us on maintaining bookkeeping services, we will not charge you for the document control service.

If you are interested in document control service — contact us.