Our Offer

We know how being confident is important for a Customer who entrusts us with its financial and management issues. Therefore, we do our best to offer you comprehensive bookkeeping services so that your attention is focused on dynamic development of your company.

Comprehensive services mean providing accountancy, tax, as well as staffing and payroll services to all business entities, regardless of their sector. We will also help you solve everyday problems related to bookkeeping in your company and we will professionally answer any of your questions.

Our company is seated in Wrocław but we provide services for companies all over Poland.

Price List

Due to variety of businesses, forms of businesses, bookkeeping issues, as well as size and complexity of companies it is really difficult to create a universal price list for each enterprise. For that reason our prices are set during individual negotiations with a customer.

Below you will find an approximate price list of services provided by our office:

Provided servicesPrice from
Complete bookkeeping600 PLN
Revenue and expense ledger with VAT100 PLN
Revenue and expense ledger without VAT150 PLN
Tax on registered income without deductible costs without VAT100 PLN
Tax on registered income without deductible costs with VAT150 PLN
Constant amount tax80 PLN
Staffing and payroll service35 PLN
Preparation of documents needed to set up a business100 PLN
Development of corporate chart of accounts500 PLN
Development of accountancy policy500 PLN
Control of bookkeeping documentation (for non-customers)200 PLN
Preparation of PIT statement for natural persons (for non-customers)40 PLN

Scope of Services

The basic version of the Contract comprises the following services:

  • bookkeeping, keeping revenue and expense ledger, and registers of income without deductible costs,
  • recording documents in records kept for VAT,
  • formal and accountant control of Customer's documentation,
  • maintaining staffing and payroll issues of the Mandator's employees (up to 5 employees - no additional costs),
  • fixed asset records,
  • notifying a customer about deadlines and tax amounts with two weeks notice via e-mail,
  • preparing monthly printouts under the Act on accountancy and VAT records,
  • preparing and submitting income tax and VAT statements in appropriate revenue office,
  • preparing annual statements for income tax for the Mandator's legal persons,
  • preparing annual financial statements under the requirements of the Act on accountancy,
  • preparing and sending statements to ZUS [Social Insurance Company],
  • preparing and sending obligatory statements to GUS [Central Statistical Office],
  • continuous monitoring of the Mandator's accounts with clients and sending account status every two weeks via e-mail,
  • preparing financial results after each completed month,
  • representing before revenue office, Social Insurance Company (ZUS), and other public institutions,
  • notifying customer about significant changes in tax regulations which have impact on ran business,
  • giving advice related to ran business,
  • updating compulsory data in revenue office and in Social Insurance Company,
  • keeping confidential company information related to keeping ledger.

We are perfectly aware that activity of each company is different and for that reason we try to meet individual needs of our Customers. Additional services include, among others:

  • development of accountancy policy,
  • development of corporate chart of accounts,
  • preparation of annual statement of the Board's activity,
  • preparation of reports from the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting,
  • preparation of cash reports,
  • preparation and sending requests for individual interpretation to the revenue office.
  • VAT return for purchases in EU,
  • defining tax-related bank transfers and transfers of remuneration,
  • preparation of balance confirmations for suppliers and sending prepared balance confirmations to recipients and suppliers,
  • maintaining personnel documentation, accounts with Social Insurance Company and revenue office of employees, as well as calculating remunerations - for each employee over 5 employed,
  • duty stamps for offices related to representation of a Customer before tax authorities,
  • sending employers' PIT-11 statements,
  • additional reports including type of ran business,
  • express services,
  • accounting for VAT return for VZM construction materials,
  • annual accounting for PIT for persons not related to ran business.